Dr Daniel Allen



Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen has been described as "The Brian Cox of animal science". A unique commentator of the natural world, he is passionate about animals and is a confident media personality. Daniel was an expert juror for ITV's British Animal Honours 2013, and has gone on to feature on national radio stations and work with television production companies as a presenter and consultant.

Daniel's first book, Otter (Reaktion Books, 2010), was described by Virginia McKenna OBE as "the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species". His latest book, The Nature Magpie (Icon Books, 2013), was praised as "part Walden Pond, part Origin of Species, and part Ripley's Believe It Or Not", by Dr Hal Herzog.

Daniel has become a respected journalist and animal advocate in the pet trade and beyond, focusing on controversial issues and otherwise unchallenged subjects. He has magazine columns in The Pet Gazette (News Hound), Small Furry Pets (Pet Nation) and Mental Health Today (Pet Therapy). He also regularly contributes to Practical Reptile Keeping and The Field, and has also written for the Sunday Express.

Daniel is the Founder, CEO and Director of Pet Nation (www.ukpetnation.com). He is on a mission to improve the lives of pets and raise awareness that positive change to pet welfare can only be achieved through "Putting Pets First". Since 2011 he has been exploring the UK in a bid to find his perfect pet. As a pet-free writer welcomed into the closed pet world, Daniel realised his experiences and encounters could help raise awareness about species-specific care, and help potential pet owners think more seriously about adding animals to their family.