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Puppy Mills, Pandemics, Disaster Preparedness, and Decency

"I'm a Mess About My Dogs and Coronavirus—How Will They Do?"

Dogs in Gilded Cages: Surviving, but Not Thriving
Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy
Dogs' Amazing Cold Noses Detect Heat as Well as Odors
Colorado Legislators View Dogs as Disposable Commodities
Let Your Dog Tell You If They Want to Go to a Dog Park
Colorado's "Humane Pet Act" Fails in Committee
The Clean Pet Food Revolution Will Change the World
"My Dog Is a Genius Who Can Count"
As Dogs Have Aha Moments, What's Happening in Their Brains?
Dogs Aren't Hard-wired Love Muffins.
Emotional Contagion From the Heart Between Humans and Dogs
Dogs: An Exciting Journey Through Their Sensory Worlds
Teach the Puppies Well: Let Them Enjoy Their Childhood
As Dogs Have Aha Moments, What's Happening in Their Brains?



Best Friends and Shock Collars-a Challenging Slippery Slope

When Dogs Play, They Follow the Golden Rules of Fairness

Dog Training Offers Valuable Lessons in Humane Education

Trainers Worry About False Claims that Dogs Lack Emotions

Doctor Dogs: The Healing Power of Our Canine Companions

Rescue Dogs: Who They Are and the Joys of Rehoming Them

How to Apply the Golden Rule to Dogs and Other Nonhumans

"I Sure Wouldn't Put My Dog in a Puppy Mill, Would You?"

The Wolves of Yellowstone Love to Play Just Like Dogs

Should Desexing Dogs Continue to Be the Rule?

Calling All Dogs to a "Talkout" Summit to Speak Their Hearts

Of Course Pets Are Not People, They're Who They Are

Should We Still Make Future Dogs in a Crowded Canine World?

Dogs: The More I Know, the More I Say, "I Don't Know"

Are Dogs Really Our Best Friends or Family?

Dog Tags May Be an Unintended Pain in Their Ears

Are Therapy Dogs Always Stressed?

The Anatomy of Seductive Raised Brow Puppy Dog Eyes

Best of Breed, Worst of Kennels?

Dogs Mirror Our Stress and We Know More About How and Why

"Bad Dog?": The Psychology of Using Positive Reinforcement

"Why in the World do People Make These Types of Dogs?"

Gone Walkabout: Confessions of a New York City Dog Walker

"Why Do People Make Up Myths and Other Stuff About Dogs?"

We Owe it to Dogs to Keep Them Healthy, Fit, and Trim

Demographics and Links Among Behavior Problems in Dogs

Dominance in Dogs: Owners' Reports Are Scientifically Valid

Working For Food Enriches Dogs' Lives and Breaks the Boredom

Dogs Need Together Time and Alone Time, Just Like Us

Dogs Really Aren't Good Go-To Animals for How We Should Live

Perfect Imperfection: Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love

Should Dogs be Shocked, Choked, or Pronged?

Canine Cuisine: "Can My Dog Do Okay on Vegan 'People Food'?"

Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

Dogs Watch Us Carefully and Read Our Faces Very Well

Mutual Rescue: Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You Both

Among Homeless People, Dogs Eat First and "Absorb Empathy"

Hype and Myths About What's a "Natural Death" For Dogs

What Do Dogs Rescued From Research Laboratories Really Need?

Dogs, Captivity, and Freedom: Unleash Them Whenever You Can

Dogs at Play: Fun-Filled Zoomies Exercising Senses & Bodies

Beware of False Information Used by Pet Euthanasia Services

How Dogs Hear and Speak With The World Around Them

Why Dogs Hump

How Dogs See the World: Some Facts About the Canine Cosmos

Ground Scratching by Dogs: Scent, Sight, and Ecstasy

Being Touched is Fine For Some Dogs, But Not For Others

The Rich and Deep Emotional Lives of Dogs in 226 Seconds

"Oh Goodness, Why'd My Dog Erin Just Eat Something So Foul?"

Dogs Should Be "Unleashed" to Sniff to Their Noses' Content

Do Dogs Know They're Dying and What Do Other Dogs Know?

Dogs Live in the Present and Other Harmful Myths

Allowing Dogs to Sniff Helps Them Think Positively

Are Big Dogs Really Smarter than Small Dogs?

Science Shows Positive Reward-Based Dog Training is Best

"Does My Dog Shara Really Make Friends With Other Animals?"

Veterinary Ethics: Dogs Must Get the Very Best Care Possible

"I Can't Put a Price on my Dog, They're All Priceless"

Dog Breeds Don't Have Distinct Personalities

Gas Wars with Dogs: Humorous Events Also Can Be Very Serious

Why Dogs Matter

Walking a Dog Can Help Us Walk the Talk about Other Animals

People Should Stop Saying, "Don't Worry, My Dog's Just Fine"

Should Zoo Workers and Veterinarians Kill Healthy Animals?

Dogs Disrupt Women's Sleep Less Than Human Partners

"Should I Really Be Feeding 'The Wolf' in My Dog?"

When Dogs Growl Outside of Play is it a Failed Relationship?

Choosing a Goat for Emotional Support Can Limit Options

Dog Behavior and Etiquette: Yes, No, Maybe, Do's and Don't's

Do Animals Really Leave Their Group to Go Off to Die?

It's Important and Fun to do Field Work on Free-Running Dogs

Are You Really Sure You Want to Share Your Life With a Dog?

Dumping the Dog Domestication Dump Theory Once and For All

Dogs, Prisoners, and Persons

Saying Goodbye To a Canine Friend With Respect and Love

Awake fMRI Reveals How Dogs' Brains Process Novel Words

How Will Dogs Reshape Nature Without Humans to Control Them?

Should You Say Good-Bye to Your Dog Before You Leave Them?

As Dogs Go Wild in a World Without Us, How Might They Cope?

Unleash Your Dog On National Dog Day and Love Them Lavishly

The Minds and Hearts of Dogs: Facts, Myths, and In-Betweens

When Small Dogs Pee, Are They Saying It's Really Not Me?

The Power and Importance of Social Play For Sheltered Dogs

Are Dogs Really Our Best Friends and Unconditional Lovers?

"I Just Rescued My First Dog, Is it Ok to Crate Her?"

Do Dogs Recognize "Dog" and What They're Feeling From Afar?

Should Shelters and Breeders Require Literacy in Behavior?

Companion Animals: Ethology, Ethics, End-of-Life Decisions

Dog Smarts: The Science of What They Think About and Know

Is It Time To Ban Shock Collars For Dogs In All Situations?

Can Dogs Make and Use Tools?

Personality Traits of Companion and Free-Ranging Bali Dogs

When Dogs Talk About Play They Take Turns Sharing Intentions

What If Two Raccoons Drowned by Florida Students Were Dogs?

Special Needs and Senior Dogs Rock: They, Too, Need Love

Hospice For Dogs: Let Them Have Whatever They Want and Love

How Well Do You Know What Dogs Do, Think, and Feel?

Jealousy in Dogs: Brain Imaging Shows They're Similar to Us

Let's Give Dogs a Break by Distinguishing Myths From Facts

"Everyone Wants a Lost Dog Found": Bridging the Empathy Gap

Fixing Male Dogs Isn't a Proven Quick Cure-All, Say Vets

 "My Dog Is a Genius Who Can Count"