Dr Isla Fishburn



 Dr Isla Fishburn has a PhD in Conservation Biology and studied Zoology as an undergraduate. Isla is passionate about creating a connection between wildlife and nature and it was during her three years working with wolves that she observed the importance of conservation beginning at home. Isla realised that many people failed to understand the natural behaviour of their dog, often appearing to chastise a dog for displaying a behaviour that is normal for this species. Isla changed her way of thinking in that, if her goal is to educate people about wildlife she must first educate them about how to work with and understand the needs and behaviour of an animal that a person has chosen to co-exist with - a dog.

Isla has worked in rescue centres and volunteers as a behaviourist for Wolfdog Rescue. She has spent three years working with wolves, wolf hybrids and wolf dogs as well as domestic dogs since 2008. Isla works as an holistic dog behaviourist and owns Kachina Canine Communication. She offers local and national courses as well as one to one consultations and educational talks and workshops.

Isla recognises that each dog is different and works by understanding how a dog's innate character, its diet, any trauma it has experienced and the age this occurred, environment, family dynamics and natural healing can help understand and resolve a dog's behavioural issue by helping its wellbeing. She works using patience, calm energy and non-threatening body language and uses Reiki and Bach Flower Remedies.

Isla's research interests lie in natural healing and dogs' responses to this, as well as stress indicators in different dogs and how diet and scent are used as communication tools in dogs. Isla has written several articles for various online, business and editorial sources and she is currently writing her first book. Isla is passionate about working in communication and co-operation with other dog professionals. By pooling all resources together it will make our efforts to help dog welfare and wellbeing more effective. 

Isla believes that we owe it to our dogs to understand their needs, limitations and expectations and how to recognise these. As an animal that humans domesticated and who, today, decide to co-exist with, it is only right that we provide everything we can to make sure our dogs' wellbeing is safeguarded and in a state of balance. In order to achieve this we need to understand the subtleties that make up a dogs world.

Isla lives in Northumberland with her partner and their four dogs - each one having their own unique traits and responses to their world. Isla believes each dog we have the pleasure of co-existing with will be a teacher for us to learn, both about the dog as well as ourselves. Isla's website is Kachina Canine.