Sarah Whitbourn




I have worked as an Animal Welfare Officer for the Borough of Poole for over 20 years and have an excellent record for reuniting dogs with owners and am proud to have a non destruct policy. I work with local reputable dog rescue charities providing guidance and advice when needed as well as microchipping.

I am committed and passionate about animal welfare but believe I maintain a realistic and balanced view. My particular area of interest being the issues surrounding dogs in this country (UK) and I have a good understanding of the related laws and how to apply them. 

I believe good, clear communication is key to resolving most of the public complaints I deal with. This can involve a lot of confrontation, which has resulted in my developing good and effective communication skills. I enjoy challenging myself and don't shy away from the more complex complaints that are reported. I enjoy working both in a team and on my own, and welcome new and challenging ideas.

In the future I would like to become more involved in campaigns to re-new the dog laws in this country, in particular ending Breed Specific Legislation. I would also like to be more involved in educating people about responsible dog ownership and the welfare of their dog, to include the more hard to reach and/or impoverished area's of 

I have a keen interest in canine psychology and behaviour and hopefully looking to start a foundation degree later this year.

Previous work has included veterinary nursing and working for the RSPCA which included the care and rehabilitation of dogs/animals before rehoming.

I live in Wimborne st Giles, Dorset with my 3 rescue dogs ‘Charlie’ the JRT, ‘Willow’ the Labrador and ‘Ty’ the American Bulldog – all rescues. A Persian cat called ‘Eddie’ and 5 ex battery hens ‘Red, Gutsy, Betty, Blondie and Sandy’.