Our Panel of Experts


Each member of our panel of experts is a luminary in the realm of animal behavior who is active in promoting animal welfare and advising members of the public as well as dog professionals. You can find information about them by scrolling through the drop-down menu, or take a short cut to their pages by clicking on each of the photos below.



Dr Aurelian Stefan, Medical Director at Animal Spay/Neuter International and Homeless Animal Hospital




Dr Daniel Allen, animal geographer



Dr Marc Bekoff, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology




Dr Isla Fishburn, conservation biologist and wolf and dog expert




Sarah Fisher, TTouch Instructor and behaviour counsellor




 Toni Shelbourne, wolf and dog expert and author




Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, founder of the Dog Welfare Alliance and The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour 




 Mark Walden, Dog Law, trainer and show judge




Amelia Welham, veterinary surgeon




Sarah Whitbourn, Animal Welfare Officer 




 Sarah Whitehead, lecturer, pet behavior counsellor and author