Behaviourists and Trainers


All of the dog behaviour professionals listed here have signed a contract with the Dog Welfare Alliance to declare that they use only positive, reward-based methods in their work with dogs.You can click on their names to go straight to their websites.




                                                              Tania Welsh Sentient Dogs    





 Laura Aitken, Braw Puppy




Tracie Allott, Kind Hands 4 Paws



Layne Arlina, Streetwise Dogs. 




 Elaine Armstrong. Clix and Trix 



 Jane Hague, All Tails Great & Small



Freya Locke  Manager of the Dog Welfare Alliance






 Kay Attwood Kay9 Services



 Gary Cole - Muttley Solutions™




Debby Lucken - Pocodogs 

Renee Rhoades - The K9 Academy 





 Rhiannon Baars



Ruby Leslie - Welfare for Animals 


Amelia Brice - A Wagging Success Dog Training 





Mike Barnett. Orion Dog Services 






Charlie Beldon. Canine Wildwalks 



Katrina Bayliss - Tails and Peaks 


Caroline Wilkinson, Ruff Hounds 

Angela Coram, Greatest K9



 Toni Shelbourne - Animal Behaviourist & Author



Geraldine Hewitt - Legacy Mobile Dog Training





Susan Berryman 




Dawn Binding, Paws Forward 





Jo Boyce. Canny Dog




Suzy Man-Ray, Wolf & Whippet Dog Training. 



 Susan Sentinella, Saints Schooling for Dogs



Carol Sumbry, Carol's Canine Training 





Shirley Ayres, Calm Paws Leicester 



Susie O'Dea - Dogfulness 


Mark Bridger - Bone Canis



 Rachel Brown, Brown Dog Training



Stu Canavan, Canine Ethics




Lorraine Cook Paws4Ever





Caroline Cowan, Cardiff Canine Citizens 





Rick van Eggermond. All Positive Dog Training & Behaviour 





Andrew Hale. Train Positive 




Lisa Hird





 Lisa Hunt, Hunts Happy Hounds 





Lisbeth Borg de Waard, Innlandet Hundesenter  





Jane Jonas, Dog Paradise 




 Karen Irwin





Debby Lovell 




Dale McLelland



 Victoria Duke - Pooch on a Pedestal




 Kevin Motion, Borders Canine Training




Donna O'Keeffe. Canine Soul 






June Pennell 





Nikolai Hausammann, Bond With Your Dog



 Regina Keenan-Lindsey. Happy Paws


Shauna Vidueira, Tampa Pet Sitters 




Ceri Foscoe - I Let The Dogs Out! 




Tony Richens - Smith, Think Dog Positive 




Theo Stewart 





 Ali Stickler - Your Confident Canine



 Southern Pet Services: Gavin and Jeanette





 Paula Tanner - CanRich



Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (founder of the Dog Welfare Alliance) 

On All Fours - Canine Behaviour & Training, Lorraine Godfrey



 Yvette Potter, The Urban k9 Gibralter


Tasha Attwood - Miyagi's Dog Training & Behaviourist Services