Behaviourists and Trainers


All of the dog behaviour professionals listed here have signed a contract with the Dog Welfare Alliance to declare that they use only positive, reward-based methods in their work with dogs.You can click on their names to go straight to their websites.




                                                              Tania Welsh Sentient Dogs    





 Laura Aitken, Braw Puppy




Tracie Allott, Kind Hands 4 Paws



Layne Arlina, Streetwise Dogs. 




 Elaine Armstrong. Clix and Trix 



 Jane Hague, All Tails Great & Small



Freya Locke  Manager of the Dog Welfare Alliance






 Kay Attwood Kay9 Services



 Gary Cole - Muttley Solutions™




Debby Lucken - Pocodogs 

Renee Rhoades - The K9 Academy 





 Rhiannon Baars



Ruby Leslie - Welfare for Animals 


Amelia Brice - A Wagging Success Dog Training 





Mike Barnett. Orion Dog Services 






Charlie Beldon. Canine Wildwalks 



Katrina Bayliss - Tails and Peaks 


Caroline Wilkinson, Ruff Hounds 

Angela Coram, Greatest K9



 Toni Shelbourne - Animal Behaviourist & Author



Geraldine Hewitt - Legacy Mobile Dog Training





Susan Berryman 




Dawn Binding, Paws Forward 





Jo Boyce. Canny Dog




Suzy Man-Ray, Wolf & Whippet Dog Training. 



 Susan Sentinella, Saints Schooling for Dogs



Carol Sumbry, Carol's Canine Training 





Shirley Ayres, Calm Paws Leicester 



Susie O'Dea - Dogfulness 


Mark Bridger - Bone Canis



 Rachel Brown, Brown Dog Training



Stu Canavan, Canine Ethics




Lorraine Cook Paws4Ever





Caroline Cowan, Cardiff Canine Citizens 





Rick van Eggermond. All Positive Dog Training & Behaviour 





Andrew Hale. Train Positive 



Lisa Hird, Animal Courses Direct 




 Lisa Hunt, Hunts Happy Hounds 





Lisbeth Borg de Waard, Innlandet Hundesenter  





Jane Jonas, Dog Paradise 




 Karen Irwin





Debby Lovell 




Dale McLelland



 Victoria Duke - Pooch on a Pedestal




 Kevin Motion, Borders Canine Training




Donna O'Keeffe. Canine Soul 






June Pennell 





Nikolai Hausammann, Bond With Your Dog



 Regina Keenan-Lindsey. Happy Paws


Shauna Vidueira, Tampa Pet Sitters 




Ceri Foscoe - I Let The Dogs Out! 




Tony Richens - Smith, Think Dog Positive 




Theo Stewart 





 Ali Stickler - Your Confident Canine



 Southern Pet Services: Gavin and Jeanette





 Paula Tanner - CanRich



Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (founder of the Dog Welfare Alliance) 

On All Fours - Canine Behaviour & Training, Lorraine Godfrey



 Yvette Potter, The Urban k9 Gibralter


Tasha Attwood - Miyagi's Dog Training & Behaviourist Services